A long-standing clothing shop happily positioned between tradition and modernity.

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225 Carlton

At the heart of downtown Winnipeg – one of the city’s latest residential additions to the skyline – 225 Carlton.

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Sparrow Hotels

With more than 80 years in the hospitality industry, Sparrow Hotels has grown alongside the city of Winnipeg, shaping a unique cultural and hospitality experience for residents and visitors, alike.

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Hargave St. Market 

As part of Winnipeg’s True North Square, Hargrave St. Market is the latest and most substantial addition to Winnipeg's food scene.

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June Home Supply

June Home Supply is a Winnipeg-based, globally recognized e-commerce and brick and mortar business specializing in curating beautiful and functional pieces that help foster a sense of simplicity and beauty in our dwellings.

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Great White Bear Tours 

First class transport and guidance through the remote and delicate Canadian Tundra – Great White Bear Tours is your exclusive access to Churchill polar bears and arctic eco-tourism.

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Greenfish Sushi

A complete identity for the first sustainable take-out sushi restaurant in North America.

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Smak Dab Mustard

More than a Mustard – a brand with personality, family foundations, and a whole lot of flavour.

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De Luca’s 

An Italian market with a soul both young and old.

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26 Edit

Our 26 Edit is a place for discovering and sharing new visions of the world; a place to explore the strategic and communicative discourses and territories that we engage everyday; an avenue to cast light on the ins and outs of our practice, and showcase the very best of 26 Projects – including our partners and our personalities.

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