Wasabi Group: Establishing The Parent Brand

Infusing cultural richness into brand development and application

Established in 1999 as one of the oldest sushi restaurants in Winnipeg, Wasabi stands as a pioneer in reshaping the city’s palate through authentic sushi experiences. The passionate owners, Cho and Tracy, have not only upheld traditions and techniques but have also elevated the experience with their commitment to using only the finest ingredients. The journey led to the birth of 2 new Japanese-inspired siblings, Chosabi and Cho Ichi.

Cho and Tracy approached us with the determination to bring cohesion to their restaurant group to further grow the brands.

the Challenge

While the locals like the exceptional taste offered by the restaurants, the cultural stories behind them remained untold. Our task was to introduce the tales and the distinct nuances of the 3 brands into the local community – in a genuinely captivating way.

Develop the brand

Our task started with developing a branding for the restaurant group, and our focus was to convey the owners’ dedication to bringing high-quality, Japanese-inspired cuisine to the Western world. 

The logo adopted a modern, contemporary design highlighting the group name, complemented by its Japanese pronunciation and texture inspired by Japanese calligraphy.

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Apply the Brand

We believe that storytelling is rooted in deep understanding. Our marketing efforts began with research of the food offered by the 3 brands, culture, customers, and culinary initiatives of Cho and Tracy.

The brand narratives, marketing and social media strategies were crafted for each brand combining the owners’ passion, cultural history, and brand philosophies. Our marketing efforts included social media, digital ads, and email marketing. Visual storytelling took centre stage, with compelling photos complementing informative tales.