CASA: Purposeful Creativity in Farm Safety

Capture the essence of modern agriculture safety with illustration, videography and photography

In the agricultural landscape, where tradition often tends to hold sway, the Canadian Agricultural Safety Association (CASA) champions a mission to increase safety awareness among the public.  Dissatisfied with the archaic imagery of outdated machinery and technology used in mainstream media, CASA aims at unveiling the reality of modern farming. CASA sought a partner to create up-to-date visual assets, including photos and illustrations to educate the target audience.

The Challenge

Our creativity is always rooted in purposeful storytelling. How would we redefine visuals to reflect the scenes of modern agriculture? How would we resonate with target audiences in the industry’s workforce? And the most delicate touch: how would we blend information with art?

Rural Road Safety

The Solution

Each project started with a deep dive into research, studying the target audiences’ demographics and behaviours. To accurately convey the messages, our illustrators started by modelling machines true to size. From colour selection to crafting the overall image, every creative element was thoughtfully tailored to connect with the intended audience.

The Work

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*video provided by May Contain Studios

Farmer See, Farmer Do

Farmer Fatigue