Floating Leaf: The Organic Fried Rice Launch

Launching a new delicacy, our approach to tell stories of a culinary experience

Floating Leaf Fine Foods, a proudly Canadian-owned company, has long been dedicated to bringing the finest rice products to global audiences. Our long-term friend, the 4th generation owner, Murray approached us to launch their newest creation – organic fried rice – in Costco stores across the Middle West US.

The Challenge

We were excited to introduce the revolutionary product – a healthy and convenient instant rice – to the public. Yet, limited by budget and pressured by the complexities of international shipping and dynamic business plans, the clock was ticking.

The Solution

Every step was carefully planned to maximize impact within the budget. We laid the groundwork for a captivating launch, including a landing page and a 4-week launch marketing campaign.

A series of meetings with Murray and his son Matthew unveiled the rich stories behind the product, which allowed us to choreograph content creation in advance, ensuring a quick turnaround from product arrival to marketing rollout.

The Work

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