Gondola Pizza: A Fresh Slice of Digital Venture

First time in its 60 years of history, Gondola embraces digital marketing

Gondola Pizza, an iconic local treasure with a rich tapestry of success stories woven through the decades, holds a special place in the hearts of Manitobans across generations.

Derek and Noah, the owners of this family-owned legend, recognized the importance of an online presence in the age of digital media, yet were dissatisfied with the conventional approaches of standard agencies. Our deep understanding of the brand characteristics, strategic budget planning, and storytelling creativity set us apart, earning the opportunity to work with this beloved local brand.

the Challenge

Venturing into the digital world for the first time, the canvas was blank, every aspect needed development. Our task was to shape a strategy that would maximize every inch of the budget, balancing immediate investment return and long-term brand building.

At the same time, Gondola Pizza was confronted with an aging customer base. The second prong of our challenge was clear: attract younger demographics while honouring the captivated older generations.

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The Solution

We crafted the bespoke strategy, leveraging social media, social advertising and traditional flyers to reach a wide range of local audiences to tell the brand’s ongoing story, from the legendary history, commitment to quality, and the milestone celebration: the 60th anniversary which lasts for a whole year.

Our efforts included planning and executing a social and digital advertising campaign based on the promotion calendar and a variety of visuals were curated, from classic nostalgic to modern trendy, to cater to the needs of different generations.

Our hesitation in working with most marketing and advertising firms is that they do not listen to the customer, they have their systems and if you do not fit into that system and pre-designed budget your results will suffer.

26 Projects took the time and through much consultation, came up with a plan that stayed within the approved budget and over performed. They have a small boutique presence but have proven can handle any size project that is thrown their way creatively and professionally.

– Derek Loewen, Founder of Gondola Pizza

The Work

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