Illustrating Gratitude: An Artistic Holiday Thank You

Illustrating Gratitude: An Artistic Holiday Thank You

In the heart of our creative studio is 26 Market – our ever-growing collection of artisan stationery and home goods.

As the holiday season approached, we felt the urge to extend a heartfelt “thank you” to our loyal customers and beloved neighbourhood. And so, with a touch of our signature charm and a dash of creativity, we birthed a hand-illustrated greeting card, a token of appreciation as unique as the treasures that grace the shelves of 26 Market.

the Challenge

There was a lot we wanted to say, countless sentiments, cherished moments, and delightful wishes. How could we express our emotions on a single printed card? This challenge became an invasion to pour our hearts.

The Solution

We drew the soul of 26 Market. Our lovely storefront, the enchanting neighbourhood, and a charming character represent the essence of our market, creative, unique, and always with a sense of purpose.
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The Work