Toad Hall Toys – Traditional Charm Goes Online

How brick and mortar stores leverage digital advertising

Located in Winnipeg’s historic Exchange District, Toad Hall Toys embodies the essence of a classic toy store: full to the brim with colourful and imaginative playthings, coupled with a warm and inviting ambiance. 

Kari, the visionary owner with a passion to ignite creativity with children, approached us when many businesses faced challenges during and post-pandemic times. Our task was clear – broaden Toad Hall Toys’s reach and entice sales, all while aligning with the unique charm of this old-world toy emporium.

the Challenge

Being a staple in the Exchange District since the ‘70s, Toad Hall Toys prides itself on its brick-and-mortar identity, yet yearned for a digital presence. Within the budget and timeframe, a new website was not feasible, leaving us with the challenge of how to meld the charm of this traditional store with dynamic digital marketing.

An entrenched presence in Winnipeg’s Exchange District since the ’70s, Toad Hall Toys has long reveled in its brick-and-mortar identity. However, the itch for a digital presence became undeniable. The constraints of budget and time rendered a new website an unattainable dream, thrusting us into the challenge of ingeniously melding the charm of this vintage toy emporium with the dynamic realm of digital marketing.

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The Solution

Enter our collaboration with Kari. Together, we crafted a digital marketing strategy for this enchanting store, leveraging social media advertising to captivate the target audiences and encourage foot traffic.

Our conversations with Kari revealed the store’s distinctive selling points, paving the way for content ideas centered around the exploration experience, curated selections, personalized shopping, and enduring connections with local shoppers.

the Result

Increased Brand Mind Share: local search trends for the brand witnessed an extraordinary surge of +81% compared to the previous period.

Expanded Reach: over 4 months, our ads reached over 375K local audiences, with an average of 8.6 unique ad views per person.

Increased Engagement: Not only did the ads receive over 105K engagements, but they also played a pivotal role in boosting organic engagement.

The Work

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