Hut K: Developing a New Website

From A to E-commerce – A New Digital Home for the Modern Furniture Brand

In 2011, HUT K opened its doors with the purpose of bringing contemporary designer furniture to Winnipeg. A decade later, the brand had become the largest exclusive consolidation of Canadian and international design brands in the city,

The conversations started after a shift to a new showroom. A new brand identity had been established yet needed to be implemented in its digital presence. With the evolving shopping landscape, adopting e-commerce became imperative to improve customer experience.

the Challenge

The transformation from brick-and-mortar-centered to digital space demanded a complete orientation. A new sitemap awaited development, paving the way for an entirely different user journey. A new art direction was also needed to embrace the fresh brand identity.

* all photos provided by the client

The Solution

The strategy took center stage, orchestrating an e-commerce-centric website that merged the charm of the showroom with the ease of digital shopping.

To reflect the distinctive product selection, the website adopted a minimalist style linearity design and tonality (a soft burnt rose) of the brand identity.  Airy photography of the space enlivened the homepage, and interior pages were organized within a straightforward, easy-to-use drop-down format, ensuring simplicity and practicality.

A blog was added to the website to further improve customer experience with a deeper vision of HUT’K’s design inspirations. Combining brand identity with functionality, a dedicated brand narrative and content strategy was created for the blog. Keep a lookout for it on their website!

The Work

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