Through the Lens of Innovation: A Visual Symphony

Crafting The Brand Tale, Frame by Frame

The fun and inclusive icon of optometry, G is for Glasses was seeking to revitalize its online presence to embrace its burgeoning e-commerce venture. In our conversations with the owners, Jessie and Bonnie, we uncovered not only the need for a website overhaul but also the desire to reinvent iconic visuals that would narrate the brand’s story on the digital canvas.

the Challenge

A vivid brand spirit awaited visualization – playful, inclusive, and adventurous. The challenge was not merely technical but artistic: how to translate the brand’s identity into photos and designs.

The Solution

The focal point? Photos that would be the soulful storytellers of the brand’s unique identity. The entire creative journey was a collaborative effort, involving extensive communication, inspirational cues, detailed mood boards, meticulous location scouting, and 2 photo shoots.

Once the visual narrative was crafted, we migrated the website from WordPress to Shopify, infusing it with new aesthetics and e-commerce-focused, user-friendly functional design.

The Work

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