Coal and Canary –  Crafting Stories For Sustained Growth

Revitalizing art direction, optimizing promotion planning, and a comprehensive marketing solution

In the realm of scented wonders, Coal and Canary shines, with a mission to infuse happiness into the very essence of people’s lives through their playful handcrafted candles. 

During the pandemic, Coal and Canary ventured into digital marketing, experienced prosperous growth, and cultivated a family of devoted customers. Yet, as the post-COVID shopping landscape shifted, the flame of sales flickered, prompting the brand to seek a rekindling in digital solutions.

The Challenge

Our partnership began in May 2022, the enchanting summer month in Canada, though not typically a peak season for candle sales. Coal and Canary, characterized by its handmade charm, constantly evolved its products but lacked a cohesive strategy. Our task was to craft a compelling narrative that navigated the brand toward sustained growth amidst the fierce competition from similar brands.

The Solution

Our goal was clear: to secure sustained growth by continuing to reach out to new audiences while echoing the hearts of loyal customers. Our service included a comprehensive digital renaissance, including social media marketing, digital ads, and email marketing.

Our approach started from an all-encompassing strategy, from product and sales planning to campaign and content directions. With the strategy set, our creative symphony unfolded. Various compelling visuals and copy were crafted, strategically redirecting focus from products to the powerful and unique spirit that defines Coal and Canary.

The Result

Our social ads, with a focus on obtaining new customers, generated over $117K in direct revenues in 6 months from the $21.6K ad spend, culminating in a Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) of 5.45.

Simultaneously, our newsletters, with the focus on building loyalty among existing customers, yielded over $22K in direct revenues in a 3 month period.

The Work

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