A Brighter and Bolder Digital Presence

Client: Smak Dab Mustard
Year: 2020
Art Direction, Digital Activation, Graphic Design, and Web Design

Smak Dab Mustard – Freshening Up For Spring

We collaborated, once again, with Smak Dab Mustard to rejuvenate the brand’s growing digital presence, reflecting its renowned vibrancy with a brighter and bolder art direction. The redesigned website now serves to delight and captivate a wide audience through a dynamic Homepage enlivened with moving imagery, a robust About page that brings you intimately closer to the founder, a cleaned-up shop platform that is easy to navigate, and the introduction of a new blog platform identity – THE DISH! The opportunity to create for the Smak Dab brand is always a pleasure – we can expect the perfect balance of guidance and creative freedom – which allowed us to execute this digital project seamlessly, especially with high volumes of online traffic.

New Art Direction

We introduced bright and vibrant colours throughout the website as a direct representation of the brand’s colourful personality. We grounded the website with the signature mustard yellow and added secondary tones, inspired by the palette used to represent the array of mustard flavours on the current packaging.

Dynamic Illustrations

After infusing the online platform with pops of colour, we planned to further animate the website with “dancing” illustrations to represent the fresh ingredients found in each of the mustards. These worked to emphasize the quality of the Smak Dab product as well as the brand narrative of providing undeniable flavour with stand-up ingredients.

Meet Carly

Lastly, we developed new content to bring new perspective to Smak Dab’s story. Through interview questions and supporting photography, the website now offers a personable glimpse into the life of Carly Minish-Wytinck, a growing local influencer in the city and the face behind Smak Dab Mustard.

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