Client: June Home Supply
Date: 2018
Art direction, Digital Editorial, and Strategic Communication

June Home Supply – A Brand Narrative

June Home Supply is a Winnipeg-based, globally recognized e-commerce business specializing in curating beautiful and functional pieces that help foster a sense of simplicity and beauty in our dwellings. In 2018, the company decided to refresh their current website while at the same time move beyond an e-commerce business model to open a brick and mortar location. The need for customers to sense and interact with the product was weighted – to feel the product’s substance and to see and understand their assembly.

Expanding the Brand Narrative Through Multiple Stories

As friends and neighbours to us, it was natural that 26 Projects was approached to help structure a story-based digital platform that would live on a new e-commerce website. The Journal would provide a place to share insights on design, material, lifestyle, and product – and to every so often – report on things happening behind the scenes in their lives.

Taking inspiration from the owner’s French Canadian heritage, the original narrative structure of the online Journal adopted the playful use of French terminology that could be understood universally by both an English speaking and French speaking audience. Categories such as Interieur/Exterieur spoke to context, and featured content related to spaces both inside and out; “Portraits” housed interviews and profiles on collaborators and individuals within the design community and beyond. 

Living in a Digital World 

While building the editorial library, 26 Projects provided digital marketing strategies focused on email campaigns to compliment a strong visually engaged presence on social media. In this day in age, the interrelation of email marketing, e-commerce and social platforms is essential – each mutually supportive as a space for growth on the ground and in digital space.  

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