Client: Fran Rizzuto
Year: 2017
Art Direction and Graphic Design, Photography, Website Development 

Fran Rizzuto – A Visual and Digital Presence for a Brand with Style 

Fran “Frenchy” Rizzuto is a sweet and mellow hairstylist with a passion for creating custom, natural looks based on individual style, hair-type and facial features. There was little difficulty drawing inspiration from her casual, approachable style and demeanour in order to develop stunning new photography, a website, and brand identity.

Drawing inspiration from her global travels, fashion, and lifestyle brands – Fran’s evolving aesthetic required a flexible identity that could change with the seasons. We grounded the identity with a simple san-serif font and a neutral palette. Fran’s personal name identity varied among customers and we realized this issue early on and found the connection between the two and simply underlined the relationship, ultimately connecting the two names ‘Fran’ and ‘Frenchy’.

Fran works in a variety of locations, with her website serving as the key point of connection. We curated a simple template website in 2018 with new photography and branding along with several curated social media posts. Gift cards and coupons were an existing marketing strategy used by Fran, so supported these through the design of a small gift card paired with the business card.

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