Danali – A Clothing Shop Happily Positioned Between

Tradition and Modernity

Danali is a family-owned and operated clothing boutique in Winnipeg, Manitoba offering classic, elevated clothing for all ages. They source beautiful pieces that are thoughtfully designed and carefully made, and are considered one of the top and most longstanding fashion boutiques in the city.

Fitting a Well-established Brand into the Virtual

26 Projects was tasked with elevating an already established and well-respected brand. This was approached though defining a strong narrative and visual presence. In the age of digital marketing, an effective strategy for engaging the Social realm needed to be put in place, alongside new conceptual approaches to campaigns and community engagement. 

Danali is a brand epitomizing modernity and classicism all at once, so all content and visual subject matter had to accommodate that ethos. This was emphasized in the development of a new website and digital marketing presence, with the goal of increasing interaction with the physical shop space that customers have grown to know and love.

The Only Fit. The Only Pair. The Only Place.

The story of Danali will always be related to jeans, with the shop acting as a hub for denim enthusiasts. They have always shared their common love for the beautiful blue. One’s personal connection to and procurement of the highest quality denim is undeniably of primary concern, which had Fall of 2019 marked as a significant shift in their marketing focus to denim, prior to the launch of a refreshed and more active digital presence. 

To help establish Danali as the No. 1 destination for long-term denim supplier and service in Winnipeg, 26 Projects presented a playful yet subdued photographic direction: a paired back focus on denim that celebrated the simple white tee on staff and friends. 

Mini campaigns to support the overarching message were developed to generate engagement in store and online to lasting throughout the year, with the idea that momentum would encourage an evolution of denim campaigns into the future.

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