Good Mornings ft. Natures’ Farm Granola

Please enjoy this brief entry into the world of food styling. The item in focus: sweet bunches of Nature’s Farm granola.

You would be surprised what manifests in our little kitchen and eastern studio nook where most of our styled food photography takes place. With a star ingredient like granola, there’s no need to whip out our tiny portable oven and cookware. Only a little dairy (or dairy alternative), an assortment of berries, some soft morning light, and we have all the elements to make magic.

Setting the Scene

First, we establish the various contexts in which the item could be featured or consumed – in this case, granola – and from there, build scenes that we can ultimately connect with and identify with. Here, we were inspired by the experience of packing lunch in a rush, a mother’s day worthy breakfast, a snack for the road, a morning picnic, a market haul, grandma and grandpa’s kitchen counter, and snacks at work.

Mood + Styling

Each scene may or may not convey the same mood. The mood is informed by the light, the backdrop, the surface and the props selected.

Clear glass vessels were used to feature the textural quality of the granola and showcase the variation of ingredients unique to each flavour.

Brown paper bags add a sense of informality and material movement.

The layering of neutral ceramic plates and bowls add interest to a simple scene with a clear focal element.

Vessels and linens with simple patterns and colour bring lightness and vibrancy.

Utensils used as props are slightly tarnished to avoid any reflected light and to convey a sense of use.

Featured Product from Nature’s Farm

Handcrafted, wholegrain granola that combine the wonderful flavours of whole rolled oats, raw nuts, seeds, and dried fruit. Only honey or maple syrup is used, resulting in caramelized crunchy sweetness. A little goes a long way! Hearty enough for trail mix, perfect when combined with yogurt or milk, and delicious as a healthy topping for ice cream. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

• Honey Almond
• Maple Pecan
• Cinnamon Harvest
• Chocolate Chunk
• Help Seed Muesli
• Lemon Lavender