Our Studio 26

Though we’re just getting settled into the summer, there is a sense that the year is swiftly passing us by. But, time tends to pass quickly when you’re busy and in the midst of change. As some may have noticed, 26 Projects has been taking time to look inward – to respond to who we are and where we’re going – both in the work we engage in and in our attunement to our team’s individual and collective talents and desires. In many ways, we have simply started answering the questions we most often ask our own clients.

Since the inclination to refresh our own visual identity had been floating in our thoughts for quite a while (even though our studio is still relatively young) – the timing just felt right – an opportunity to present our current story with honesty and clarity, aligned with the personality and design approach of our current little team.

The studio’s name ‘26 Projects’ derives from both a time and a place – its first imaginings sparking in a little flat in the UK on 26 Merton Road, and taking action through personal and collaborative photography-focused projects. In 2012, for many reasons, the practice was brought home to Winnipeg, Canada and given its own dedicated studio space, welcoming new designers, and beginning the process of finding a cohesive voice. Which brings us here in this moment, five years later, in the midst of another exciting transition. Though definitely a busy and exciting space for us, there is a sweet sense of calmness between us – a deep curiosity and excitement for where this new identity will take us.

With our own branding, you could say that we wanted to lighten our touch, through engaging a purposeful and meticulous process of editing. We wanted to find the simplest way to communicate the 26 – reduced but unified. In shifting away from a word mark, which defined our previous logo, we were able to achieve a certain flexibility in the icon, one that could be scaled down and still recognizable, and conversely, scaled up and able to absorb various patterns and personalities. The 26 is less about a number, but about coming together, finding our strength as a team – unique as we each are. And, our hope going forward is that those who encounter us and our work will feel that bit of freshness, playfulness, and a lightness in our touch.

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