On Prairies and Time

“A change in the weather is sufficient to recreate the world and ourselves.” – Marcel Proust

Time passes – naturally.  It is one of those few certainties in the world, and one that consistently intrigues and fascinates. But, I would say that it is also a new thing for me, in particular. Of course, the time has been passing the same way since my birth, but it has never been so visually represented and beautifully illustrated as it has been in the past three years since I have called Winnipeg my home.

Having not experienced seasons as intensely and acutely as this before, I have come to see that here, they are one of the sharpest, most delightful things about living this far north. It is certainly the most contrasting and shifting experience for someone who has lived most of her life in South America, where the weather is warm and sunny, but with little variation.

Here in Winnipeg, the seasons greet us with smells and flavours – it is a tactile perception that only exists at a particular moment in time. A time and space, which carries with it the essence that defines the weather and ultimately, our disposition.

We can’t help but change along with the seasons. The weather shapes us, our experiences and our interactions. The time of the year defines our attitudes and perspectives. This, to me, is the essence of living in Winnipeg: embracing the coziness of fall and its colours; the sharpness and brightness of winter; the cheerfulness that comes with spring, and all of the amazing things that can happen with the freedom of summer.

What follows is a series of photos taken by our creative director – all located in Manitoba and gathered together to summarize the distinct transition and expression of the seasons.

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