26 Projects featuring Cornelia Bean

26 Projects 08 / 12 / 15
08 / 12 / 15

26 Projects featuring Cornelia Bean

26 Projects

We love our clients and immerse ourselves in their brands. Since working with Cornelia Bean, we’ve learned so much about tea and coffee and have had the honour of tasting some of their best blends. So we could not be more thrilled to announce that 26 Projects now serves Cornelia Bean tea and coffee to clients and guests!

And what better way to let everyone know then by creating our own menu for our kitchen area? Now, when you visit 26 Projects, you’ll have an amazing selection of teas and coffees to try during your visit which will be displayed for you on our menu board. Selection will change over time allowing everyone an opportunity to try something new whenever they’re here.

For more information about Cornelia Bean, visit their website (designed by us, of course!) to read up on their products.