Hidden Labours

brian 04 / 21 / 15
04 / 21 / 15

Hidden Labours


After growing up in the same small town in southern Manitoba, Brian Defehr and Pauline Boldt jet set across the world on their separate paths—Pauline as a photographer and creative director, and Brian to Paris as a chef. Next year, they proudly release a new book into the world with Running Press Book Publishers, all about French market recipes. Featuring Pauline’s stunning food and lifestyle photography bringing life to Brian’s fresh and delicious recipes. 

FRENCH MARKET COOKBOOKS: not everything has been done on the subject!

Many abandoned blog journeys were paved with the best intentions. This particular blog space has the lamentable average of one posting per annum at this point in time. I have many regrets about not having managed to share my last year of Parisian cooking adventures with the admirable followers of 26projects. As much as I hope to change that, I won’t even go so far as to make any promises about future postings on these pages, but at this time Pauline and I have big news we want to share with the whole world.

In 2015 we both experienced the miracle of bringing babies into existence, from nothing at all. Now we’re going to experience the author’s equivalent of the birth process. For months we’ve been working on a manuscript of Parisian market cooking and photography and we’re awfully pleased that a great publisher has come on board and our hidden labours will come to life as a published little gem of a book next year!

Pauline and I are privileged and excited to be working with Running Press of the Perseus Group to bring our collection of seasonal French market recipes and photography to print. While there are a multitude of books out there already on French cooking, we plan to give you a glimpse into the life of a private chef in Paris, along with Pauline’s inspiring images of Paris, especially its food and markets.

– Brian Defehr