Cut + Paste: InGi’s Post

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Words: InGi Kim    Photographs: n/a

Here at 26 Projects, we have a diverse team of creatives with various interests, so we’re going to use this space to share some of those interests with you. This month, Strategic Designer InGi Kim shares one of his personal projects.



This featured project was done as part of the 2014-2015 Institute without Boundaries project “Connecting Divided Places”, which looked at the social, economic, environmental, and cultural divisions in Chicago, Eastpointe (Michigan), and Toronto. 

This timeline, titled “Once Upon a Time in Chicagoland: A Tale of Mayors, Mobs and Mayhems,” (click to open as a pdf) is the result of speculation based on research, stories and rumours of individuals that have shaped modern day Chicago. The city has a reputation of being a ‘Mob City’ filled with corruption, but looking at one region’s history through eyes of such individuals as Al Capone gives one a totally different perspective. Drawing relationships of and relativeness between individuals and events can identify past and continuing trends which hints how the future may unfold.

Information Design is one of my areas of design interest – I love and enjoy researching, revealing hidden stories from historical facts, rumours and individual bios. Relationships and hypothesis drawn from different points help us to identify trends and allow us to take educated guesses.

The 2 ft x 15 ft timeline contains chaotic amounts of information about modern day Chicago. It was our group’s intention to curate information in a way to help audiences to understand and digest it as conveniently and quickly as possible with design interventions such as colour coding, graphs and typography.

“The speed of communication is wondrous to behold. It is also true that speed can multiply the distribution of information that we know to be untrue.” -Edward R. Murrow