365 Technologies + 26 Projects

Photoshoot Feature

Words: Julie Doan    Photographs: Pauline Boldt

365 Technologies is a company that provides IT management and support to businesses located right here in Winnipeg. We sat down with CEO Michael Anderson to discuss his young company, their client focused approach and how great photography plays a part in that.

Tell us a bit about yourself and 365 Technologies. What types of services do you provide?
I’m an MBA from Asper. I worked in corporate IT for a while after I graduated, which is where I met Pauline—at EQ3—and prior to that I worked for a company called 4L Communications. 365 Tech started in 2010 and our goal was to deal with the way that companies in Winnipeg got IT support. It doesn’t make sense for small business to have a full time IT person, so they typically deal with someone internally who’s kind of the “IT guy” as part of their job or they’re working with an outside guy who’s working on an hourly basis. That’s been the model for a long time in Winnipeg and our goal was to do something different. We are a Managed Service Provider, or an MSP, and we’re basically an outsourced IT department. We work with companies that have between 10-50 users that don’t have an internal IT staff.

Can you talk a bit about the photography work Pauline has done for your website case studies?
When you look at a typical IT company’s website, the focus is on technology and jargon and technical words explaining what they do. We wanted to do something different and focus on our clients. Being a young company, we haven’t had a chance to establish too much of a brand or a presence and we’re still not known. When companies engage with us, it’s a fairly serious commitment. They pay us monthly, so they’re not just paying us when they have issues. It’s like entering into a relationship and partnership with us. A way to build trust early is by letting them see other companies that we deal with. Our testimonials have become a critical part of our sales process and we didn’t want to do the typical testimonial on a site with a few lines and a name of some person. When we get our clients to do a testimonial, it’s a professional photo, it’s a quote and a signature and a write up about them. So having great images to support that is really important; adding a face to the words.