Pineridge Hollow + 26 Projects

Logo, website, and social media design

Words: Julie Doan    Photographs: Pauline Boldt

Pineridge Hollow is an amazing, almost magical place nestled just outside of Manitoba’s scenic Bird’s Hill Provincial Park. We had the privilege of working with them to redesign their logo, website and overall branding. It’s been a great experience that continues to this day with monthly social media and new events and promotions always in the works. We spoke with Pineridge General Manager, Katrina Klassen, to chat about their company and all of the exciting changes of the past year.

Tell us the story of Pineridge Hollow and how you arrived to be a notable restaurant, store and event venue in your picturesque 6 acre space.

In June of 1992, Janice Regehr opened Pineridge Hollow on her family’s acreage 1 1/2 miles away on Vernon Road. A 1920s log home was converted into a quaint country gift shop that was home to many locally hand-crafted items and unique giftware. In 1995, the turn-of-the-century style Carriage House was built on the same acreage to accommodate our growing number of guests and our grand ideas.

On June 9, 1999 we moved the Carriage House to our existing site. This was no small feat, as the Hydro lines that needed to be raised in order for the Carriage House to pass under was originally quoted at $50 000. This was enough to stop our plans, but prayers were answered and we were able to move the Carriage House on a day when Manitoba Hydro was doing a project that required them to divert power from those major lines. Hydro told us that this (diverting power) had never

been done before and probably never would be again. The mover also told us that ours was the largest building he had ever moved. Yes, we believe in miracles! This site is another miracle itself. This 6 acre parcel of land was a partially- mined gravel pit. What is now the amphitheatre was about 3 times the size, so needless to say, a lot of earth was being moved around! We began to landscape in the early spring of ‘99 and everything looked amazing by the time we opened on July 30. In total, we did a major overhaul in about 51 days – it was a very intense and exciting time.

Since relocating to our new location we have done multiple additions to the building. Each addition is new and exciting and brings a revived energy that we see in both our staff and our guests. We love to grow and change so stay tuned for more exciting growth in the future.