caffeine routine

This photo series is an exploration in our own creativity within the studio, inspired by coffee (and perhaps our newly acquired espresso machine and coffee beans from De Luca’s). Drawing from a collection of beautiful tactile ceramics, wooden surfaces and utensils made by the hands at Root Cellar design collective, using elements (fire and dust) and materials (clay and wood) found in Manitoba – we photographed the arch of our coffee desires throughout a day.

We made and drank quite a lot of coffee that morning, crowded into our small studio kitchen full of morning chat. Shoot days are extraordinary. And, yes, the coffee is some the best we’ve ever tasted – robust and delicate at the same time and not in any way short of caffeine.

In the morning, we sip coffee and simple accompaniments steeped in a pool of morning sunshine. Toast and jam. Buttery pastries. Fruits and cheeses.

At noon – something savoury with moody espresso 

Late afternoon, our tired eyes get help from sugar and a late mild coffee with milk – just enough to keep us going. 

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