A New Year

So we find ourselves in this moment when the incline to reflect feels so natural and we really start to notice the fleeting nature of time–how fast it really flies by. We’ve watched as three seasons have transitioned from our expansive, east-facing studio windows, and witnessed so many projects grow and evolve from dreams and ideas to tangible design and communication work, with real impact on our clients and our community. We’ve felt the small ripples of acknowledgment and it has been truly the most rewarding and we are ever grateful. This, we can say has been made possible through a beautiful organic growth and fusion that has taken place between our small team here. This year we have been so fortunate to have worked with new as well as seasoned faces in the local food industry here in Winnipeg–which has paired so perfectly with our food-adoring team and has allowed us the creative expansion within our approach to photography and art direction. 
Though our journal has been quite quiet since its initiation this past spring, it is not due to not being present or reflective, but because we have simply taken the time to find our voice, cultivate it, and prepare for a 2018 that is bright with newness and growth! 
Sending all of our warmest wishes and happiness for the holiday season as we glide into the new year! 
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